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Card Mania! – Gurubashi Berserker

CM001 - Gurubashi Berserker SmallIn our first edition of Card Mania, we shall highlight the Gurubashi Berserker!

A 2/7 minion with 5 cost, it is first seen as a taunt-less tank. Its true strength, though, lies in its ability to increase its damage output whenever it takes damage, turning it into a monstrous powerhouse!


The Gurubashi is a fearsome tribe of jungle trolls who reside in Zul’Gurub, in the Eastern Kingdoms. See Wowpedia.

Established long before the Great Sundering, the Gurubashi Empire took its name from the strongest tribe of jungle trolls at the time. The jungle trolls ruled the southern jungles of ancient Kalimdor until the Burning Legion’s first invasion, which wrought havoc and devastation throughout the continent and culminated in the Great Sundering.


  • Type: Minion
  • Rarity: Common
  • Class: Any
  • Crafting Cost: 40 / 400 (Golden)
  • Arcane Dust: 5 / 50 (Golden)
  • Golden Gurubashi Berserker: Warlock Level 56


The Gurubashi Berserker stands out for its permanent enrage ability, gaining +3 attack for any damage taken. Any combinations that deal numerous amounts of measly damage will be rewarded with a beefed-up minion that will be the opponent’s instant high priority target! An example is through the use of the Warrior deck. With Combo: Inner RageWhirlwind, Rampage and Charge; it will turn the Gurubashi Berserker into a 13/8 minion that can attack right away!

The Gurubashi Berserker also benefits from the Priest and Mage decks; the Priest being able to turn it into a tank that can slowly stack up its damage while the Mage can apply her Hero Power, Fireball, to repeatedly ramp up its damage.

Due to the slow nature of its ability to stack damage, opponents will finish it off immediately before the Gurubashi Berserker can make an impact. Therefore, the instant damage that can be dished out by the use of the Warrior deck’s combination is a lot more viable.


Gurubashi Berserker works well with warrior archetypes; in particular cards that self-inflict damage on itself.

That is all for Card Mania today; do drop us some comments below on our review and what cards we should highlight next! You can also check us out at our Facebook page!


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