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The Professor #2 – Mage

P002 - Mage LongToday, in the Professor, we will be looking at the Mage class. Starting with the fundamentals, players will then have a better understanding of Hearthstone before we move into more advanced territory.

The Mage class makes use of numerous spells; be it single-target or area of effect (AoE), to control the board.

Hero Power

  • Fireblast: Deals 1 Damage

People will think; 1 Damage for 2 Mana cost? It does not seem very useful. However, they are wrong!

The magic of this Hero Power is that it can be directed at anyone, and anything! Use it on Enrage minions, and you will gain their effects. Use it if spells are not able to deal the final blow. Use it as a 1 Damage tool on opponent champions just to piss them off!

Offensive Spells

  • Pyroblast
  • Fireblast
  • Arcane Explosion
  • Flamestrike

With a variety of offensive spells, from single-targets to AoEs, no champion or minion is safe from the hands of a Mage! Pump it up with Spell Power minions, and you will see an insane power spike where champions can be picked off instantly!

Defensive Spells

  • Polymorph
  • Blizzard
  • Mirror Image

These defensive spells ensure that the Mage keeps a strong control on the board by limiting the opponent’s plans! From freezing opponent minions to creating taunt minions, opponents will have to configure a new route all the time, just to get to you.


  • Mirror Entity
  • Ice Block
  • Counterspell

Being one out of three classes that can utilise secrets, it allows the Mage to put down a lot of utility that makes opponents wonder if any of their actions will trigger something negative upon them.

The Mage is definitely a fun and fantastic class to play; it is very versatile and can go down numerous build paths, making it a strong adversary that is hard to fathom. Its ability to dish out devastating amounts of damage also puts opponents on their toes; they have to ensure that they will not be finished off immediately!

Leave your comments below on what do you think of the Mage class and what we should highlight next! Visit us at Hearthstone Alley or our Facebook page to get the latest updates on Hearthstone and community news!


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