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The Professor #4 – Warrior

P004 - Warrior LongIn this week’s ‘The Professor’, we will be looking at the Warrior class!

By starting with the fundamentals, players will then have a better understanding of Hearthstone before we move into more advanced territory.

The Warrior class is a class that goes all out in battles, leaving no man, or in this case minion, behind. It is also the class that won Artosis the Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Invitational, trumping over Kripparrian’s Mage with its fast-paced battle style!

Hero Power

  • Armor Up! – Gain 2 Armor

As the Warrior goes all out in combat, this Hero Power allows him to mitigate those damage from minions, allowing him to maintain both his health and board control!


  • Frothing Berserker
  • Amani Berserker
  • Raging Worgen

The main strength of the Warrior class is that his cards meant to deal and take damage. The Enrage mechanic definitely fits in here, as creatures get stronger after taking damage, allowing the Warrior to snowball his way to victory! The Charge mechanic synergies very well with the Enrage mechanic as it allows the Warrior to send his minions straight into the thick of action, yet picking its fights carefully, allowing for efficient trades!


  • Arcanite Reaper
  • Gorehowl
  • Fiery War Axe

The Warrior can also utilise weapons to maintain the board control by using himself as the focal point of attack, protecting his minions for more important battles ahead!


  • Execute
  • Cleave
  • Rampage

Spells are also an integral part of the Warrior’s arsenal, as it allows him to stall the game long enough before he is able to unleash all the high cost minions and combinations to turn the tide!

The Warrior class may seem like one that dives foolhardy into battles. Although he may love his battles, upon closer inspection, the Warrior is a tactician that employs calculated risk, allowing him to turn the tides of war. He will prefer to control the battlefield before unleashing combinations of spells and minions that will send opponents flying! Choose him at your own risk!

Let us know in the comments below on what you think of this week’s ‘The Professor’, and which class you will like us to highlight next!

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