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Interview with Manjuu46; Champion of the 1st Hearthstone Alley Online Tournament

Manjuu Interview LongThe recently-concluded 1st Hearthstone Alley Online Tournament was a great success!There was a fantastic response from the community, as they come together to compete against one other! After days of intense matches, Manjuu46 finally emerged as the Champion!

Today, we will be interviewing Manjuu46 to get to know more about him!

Hi Manjuu46! Tell us more about yourself; how do you feel about Hearthstone and what are your thoughts on it?

Hi; I am Jacky, and I have been playing Hearthstone for about a month or so. I am currently taking a break after completing my National Service about three months ago. It is the first ever card game that I have played and it is pretty fun.

There are a lot of ways to combine your cards and lots of strategies to come up with; however, one thing I dislike is the element of ‘Random Number Generation’ (RNG). For example, having your opponent’s Mad Bomber hitting you all three times with its Battlecry ability when you were left with three life and five minions on the field!

Any thoughts on our local community for Hearthstone, and any nice experience you will like to share?

I have only been playing with my friends and  in the Arena so far, but I will like to meet up with the community and have a nice experience with them.

In your opinion, which classes are currently popular?

The Mage and Warrior are pretty popular right now, due to their ability to rush down the opponent before they can even respond to your threats. 

What are your favourite class and cards?

Definitely love the Mage class. Ironically my favourite card is Mad Bomber; it is a love-hate relationship!


I noticed that in the recent tournament, you have been using your Rogue deck. Care to tell us more about it?

The idea of the Rogue deck is is to clear your opponent’s field as fast as they can put minions out. Most of the cards I usually play deal damage with their Battlecry effect, so I get to clear their minions without having to really trade for it. From there, I will slowly gain the board control and close out the game.

Thanks for the interview with us, Jacky, and we will hope to see you in the Hearthstone Alley LAN Tournament!

Definitely; thank you!

Featured Deck: Manjuu46’s Rogue

Manjuu46’s Rogue deck is all about controlling the field by removing threats that the opponent puts out while placing his own at the same time.

Minion (18):

  • Coldlight Oracle x1
  • SI:7 Agent x2
  • Argent Commander x1
  • Abusive Sergeant x1
  • Leper Gnome x1
  • Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
  • Defias Ringleader x2
  • Faerie Dragon x1
  • Loot Hoarder x1
  • Dark Iron Dwarf x1
  • Gnomish Inventor x2
  • Spellbreaker x1
  • Stormpike Commando x1
  • Stranglethorn Tiger x1

Ability (10):

  • Cold Blood x1
  • Betrayal x1
  • Eviscerate x2
  • Shiv x1
  • Backstab x2
  • Deadly Poison x1
  • Assassinate x2

Weapon (2):

  • Perdition’s Blade x1
  • Assasin’s Blade x1

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