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The Professor #5 – Warlock

In this week’s ‘The Professor’, we will be looking at the Warlock class!

By starting with the fundamentals, players will then have a better understanding of Hearthstone before we move into more advanced territory.

The Warlock Rush deck was recently in the spotlight, as it dominated the competitive scenes before the Frost Mage deck swept it aside. However, it is still something that is not to be trifled with, as the Warlock has lots of tricks up his baggy sleeves!

Hero Power

  • Life Tap – Draw a card and take 2 damage
  • INFERNO! – Summon a 6/6 Infernal.

Life Tap is a very strong hero power, even though it has a drawback; it allows the player to gain card advantage in a collectible card game (CCG) like Hearthstone. Even more so, when the deck only has 30 cards as compared to other CCGs, which have deck sizes of 40 to 60. INFERNO! is only unlocked when the Warlock summons Lord Jaraxxus; summoning a 6/6 Infernal for 2 cost every turn will leave opponents quaking in their boots!


  • Twisting Nether
  • Bane of Doom
  • Shadowflame

The Warlock has an arsenal of spells, ranging from buffs, heals, to pure destruction! These spells allow the Warlock to easily gain board control, but just like his nature, come with a cost to pay.


  • Flame Imp
  • Doomguard
  • Void Terror

There are two forms of playstyles that the Warlock can adopt; the early game rush or the late game damage. Having a drawing hero power means the Warlock can forego cards with drawing mechanics, allowing him to have more niche cards.

By using low cost minions with multiple destructive mechanisms, the Warlock is able to take down opponents in a matter of turns. The drawback is that, if the opponent manage to repel his minion waves, the Warlock will be at a disadvantageous position due to the sacrifices he has made.

The Warlock can also bide its time till the late game, and unleash devastating minions, like Molten Giant, on his opponents! Lord Jaraxxus is also a troublesome character to deal with, as his hard hitting infernals will scoff at every attempt to destroy them.

The Warlock is definitely one that requires lots of thinking; you weigh the pros and cons that come with your cards. As they say, it all comes with a price; with greater power comes greater responsibility!

Let us know in the comments below on what you think of this week’s ‘The Professor’, and which class you will like us to highlight next!

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