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Card Mania! #7 – Nat Pagle


Curious about what happened during the Hearthstone Alley Tournament Singapore 2013 (HAT Singapore 2013)?

In today’s ‘Card Mania!’, we will be featuring Nat Pagle, a card that our very own champion in HAT, Zeys, regards very highly!

Lore (From hearthstone.gamepedia.com)

Nat Pagle is a level 45 fishing trainer located at Nat’s Landing on an unnamed island in Tidefury Cove, southwest of the Alliance port city Theramore in the contested territory of Dustwallow Marsh. Currently, Nat Pagle is the most famous and well-known fisherman (or “Angler Extreme”) in World of Warcraft. Apparently, he used his fame (or got famous) by launching or licensing his own line of fishing equipment.

He states he has no particular interest in fishing, but has been fishing for 20-30 years. He also says that fishing is “a great excuse to drink … heavily”, and therefore he is assumed to be an alcoholic. This assumption is also supported by the fact that there are many booze bottles found at Pagle’s Pointe in the Zul’Gurub instance, which is presumably a former fishing spot of his.


  • Type: Minion
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Stats: 0/4
  • Ability: At the end of your turn, you have a 50% chance to draw a card.
  • Class: Any
  • Crafting Cost: 1600/3200 (Golden) Arcane Dust
  • Disenchant: 400/1600 (Golden) Arcane Dust


Protect Nat Pagle for as long as possible, through the use of Taunt minions and Divine Shields, to create more chances for a card draw, which will be beneficial in the long run.

This is especially potent when the game is locked into a battle of attrition, where both players have very little cards on hand. Having superior hand size allows for more strategical moves as opposed to having a lack of options. Since Nat Pagle has a very high health (4) for a low cost (2) minion, when it is paired with cards like Defender of Argus, it can double up as a early/mid game ‘tank’. Nat Pagle’s effectiveness is exponential over time as more cards may get drawn through its ability, so be sure to keep it living and well!

An even more terrifying thought is Stealth cards allow Nat Pagle to become even more potent in churning out cards from the deck (exceptions being untargeted damage spells.)

The downside however is its lack of fighting capabilities (being 0 attack), which may compromise early-mid game control of the field.


Works well with generally every deck out there. It does, however make many of the other card-drawing minions like Novice Engineer seem redundant. Hence, people wanting to include Nat Pagle in their deck, may want to consider swapping out some of their other card-drawing minions.

Would you include a Nat Pagle in your deck; let us know in the comments below!

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