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Hearthstone Alley Tournament Singapore 2013 Decklists!

HSA Lan Tournament LongThe first ever Hearthstone Alley Tournament (HAT) took place last weekend, and had 20 players competing to be the best in Hearthstone!

The event was organized by Hearthstone Alley, with Epic Gaming Television as their stream partner, and was part of the ongoing Gaming Entertainment E-sports Exhibition (GE3) at Downtown East.

After a grueling two days of competition, which involved a round robin group stage, followed by a double elimination play-offs, Zeys fought through what everyone coined the ‘Group of Death‘ (two of the players in this group ended up in the top three), and emerged Champion with a clean 3-0 victory in the Grand Finals against Unistar!

For the playoff brackets, click here!

Winner: Zeys

Deck 1: Warlock

Minions (25)

  • 1x Leeroy Jenkins
  • 1x Tinkmaster Overspark
  • 2x Defender of Argus
  • 1x Arcane Golem
  • 2x Knife Juggler
  • 2x Young Priestess
  • 2x Dark Iron Dwarf
  • 2x Shattered Sun Cleric
  • 2x Harvest Golem
  • 2x Flame Imp
  • 2x Blood Imp
  • 2x Argent Squire
  • 2x Leper Gnome
  • 2x Voidwalker

Abilities (5)

  • 1x Shadowflame
  • 2x Power Overwhelming
  • 2x Soulfire

A highly aggressive deck filled with Charge minions and a very low mana curve, it intends to end the game fast with its early minion control. Some measures of insurance were added, like Shadowflame (for Area-of-Effect board clear), and Tinkmaster Overspark (for the big minion removal). Zeys used this to great success, including a clean 3-0 sweep in the Grand Finals!

Deck 2: Druid

Minions (20)

  • 1x Sylvanas the Windrunner
  • 1x Ragnaros the Firelord
  • 1x The Black Knight
  • 1x Tinkmaster Overspark
  • 1x Nat Pagle
  • 1x Bloodmage Thalnos
  • 2x Ancient of Lore
  • 2x Ancient of War
  • 1x Faceless Manipulator
  • 2x Keeper of the Grove
  • 1x Sunwalker
  • 2x Druid of the Claw
  • 2x Harvest Golem
  • 2x Novice Engineer

Abilities (10)

  • 1x Starfall
  • 2x Wrath
  • 2x Claw
  • 2x Swipe
  • 2x Innervate
  • 1x Healing Touch

A well-balanced control deck with answers at every turn; solid removals such as The Black Knight, Tinkmaster Overspark, and the many Druid spells help maintain early board control, while late-game minions like Ragnaros and the big Druid units bring home the game!

Deck 3: Rogue

Minions (22)

  • 1x Ragnaros the Firelord
  • 1x Sylvanas Windrunner
  • 1x Tinkmaster Overspark
  • 1x Edwin Van Cleef
  • 1x Nat Pagle
  • 1x Bloodmage Thalnos
  • 1x Argent Commander
  • 1x Azure Drake
  • 2x Defender of Argus
  • 2x SI:7 Agent
  • 2x Dark Iron Dwarf
  • 2x Harvest Golem
  • 2x Defias Ringleader
  • 2x Argent Squire
  • 2x Novice Engineer

Abilities (8)

  • 1x Blade Flurry
  • 2x Evisecrate
  • 1x Betrayal
  • 2x Deadly Poison
  • 2x Backstab

A semi-control Rogue deck with strong draw, spell and decent late-game firepower!

Runner-up: Unistar


Sylvannas, Ragnaros, The Black Knight form the legendary cores of all three decks, and the rest of the decks are built around the strengths of each class.

3rd Place: Kero

Shaman, Warrior, Warlock

Two well-known decks; the Warrior Giants One-Turn Kill (OTK), and a Murloc rush deck. The last deck is Kero’s strongest; a solid mid-late game Shaman spell damage deck, with a Malygos as the core!

4th Place: crAzerk

Rogue, Warlock, Paladin

The only deck among the Top 4 that ran Ysera (Paladin), and one of the more budget setups with a total of two legendaries in all three decks.

Let us know what you think of the decklists in the comments below!

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Image Credits: Blizzard, Jeremy, crAzerk


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