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The Professor #7 – Shaman

ProfessorIn this week’s ‘The Professor’, we will be looking at the Shaman class. 

By starting with the fundamentals, players will then have a better understanding of Hearthstone before we move into more advanced territory.

Overload is the trademark ability of the Shaman, allowing you to cast very strong spells and minions early, in exchange for a lesser mana usage the next turn.

Hero Power

  • Totemic Call: Summons a random totem

The Shaman’s Hero Power is similar to the Paladin‘s in that, it is able to prop up the field with more minions, allowing for a stronger board control. The difference is that there is a variety of summoned totems, from the Stoneclaw Totem, which provides a Taunt effect, to the Wrath of Air Totem, which increases Spell Damage by 1. This allows the Shaman to play more strategically with the totems in his field.

Offensive Spells

  • Lava Burst
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Forked Lightning

These spells can deal devastating amounts of damage for its low mana cost; the setback is that they trigger Overload. They are very good at controlling the board, while you build up yours. A card that synergies very well with Overload is the Unbound Elemental. When an Overload card is played, the Elemental gains +1/+1, making it a very strong early to mid-game minion.

Defensive Spells

  • Hex
  • Ancestral Spirit
  • Totemic Might

These spells provide utility to the Shaman, allowing him to remove, revive, or even buff minions. Not as common as the offensive cards, these cards are used strategically as an alternative form of building up the field. A card that synergies very well with Ancestral Spirit is Cairne Bloodhoof. When Ancestral Spirit is cast on Cairne, his death will summon both his son, Baine Bloodhoof, and him!


  • Windspeaker
  • Fire Elemental
  • Dust Devil

Shaman minions also pack Windfury abilities, allowing them to hit twice in a single turn! This will allow them to trade very efficiently, or even deal massive amounts of burst damage to an opponent. Totems are a fundamental part of the Shaman deck; they allow the Shaman to snowball on their early control, and finish off the game with a Bloodlust (Give your minions +3 Attack this turn), or Windfury!

A notable deck in the past that capitalises on the former was the Shaman Murloc deck, which was a terror during the pre-wipe period.


To counter Shamans, you have to keep picking off their minions to ensure that they do not increase their presence and finish off the game instantly; minions like Raid Leader or Stormwind Champion provide a huge buff to the entire friendly field.

Field wipes like Arcane Explosion or Holy Nova are highly advisable when the opponent Shaman builds up his field significantly, and preparing to deal that finishing blow.

This is applicable to the general Shaman deck, and not against unorthodox ones, like Kero’s Spell Power Shaman deck, which stunned and obliterated the field in HAT Singapore 2013! You may check out our Facebook page to see Kero’s decklist!

Let us know in the comments below on what you think of this week’s ‘The Professor’, and which class you will like us to highlight next!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest Hearthstone and community news!

– Silfer

Image Credits: Blizzard


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