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Interview with Kero; Winner of the Hearthstone Longest Streak Competition @ Bugis+

Bugis Key Giveaway LongBlizzard held a Hearthstone event at Bugis+ from the 7th to 9th of December, and they had a mini competition… on who is able to have the longest winning streak with a Basic deck.

We will be interviewing Kero, winner of the competition, to get to know more about him!

Hi Kero, congratulations on winning the Hearthstone Longest Streak Competition held at Bugis+! How does it feel to grind it out to be the winner?

It feels great to be the winner for the first ever Hearthstone competition held in Singapore, though it was a close match against Snipewolf (the other finalist.)

What was your longest streak for the tournament?

I managed to get 10 win streaks against the AI in my segment, but a female player in my segment almost drew with me with 9 wins.

Of all the Basic decks, which do you think is the best?

Mage and Priest; the Mage’s hero power allows you to make efficient card trades, while the Priest is has beefy basic minions that pose as great obstacles for the opponent.

What are your favourite class and cards?

My favourite class will be the Mage; the class has just so many removal and control cards, which enable you to gain complete dominance of the board. One card worth mentioning is Malygos, when combined with Arcane Missiles at turn 10, allows you to shoot 8 missiles, equivalent to the Paladin’s Avenging Wrath for just 1 mana!


How do you feel about Hearthstone, and what are your thoughts on it?

Hearthstone is a relatively easy game to pick up; I did not have any prior Trading Card Game (TCG) experience before playing Hearthstone. The game does have the potential to become an eSport in the future, but Blizzard has to come up with more innovative game modes that can be played competitively, apart from Constructed play.

Any thoughts on our local community for Hearthstone, and any nice experience you will like to share?

I think our local community is still very young, with a lot of people just starting to play the game, as compared to the North American (NA) scene, where players are already creating guides and building solid decks.

Thanks for the interview with us, Kero, and we will hope to see you in the upcoming Hearthstone Alley Tournament Singapore 2013!

Thanks for the interview, Bjorn!

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– bj0rN

Image Credits: Blizzard, Jeremy


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