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Techniques Training #7 – Living in the Shadows

Techniques Training LongEver thought of how cool it will be to live in the shadows, while waiting for the opportune moment?

Now you can! In this week’s ‘Techniques Training’, we will be looking into the Stealth ability.

With the stealth ability, minions can lie in wait for the best possible trade, or the moment to deal the finishing blow to the opponent. It is because they are unable to be targeted by attacks, spells, and abilities! However, they can be hit by Area of Effects (AOE), like Flamestrike or Mass Dispel, or spells and abilities with a random targeting, like Arcane Missiles or Mad Bomber.

A stealth minion will be out of stealth once it deals damage, so please do not stealth your Knife Juggler, as it will proc his ability whenever you summon a minion! Stealth will also take precedence over Taunt, so any minion with both abilities will not have the taunt effect. Thus, Defender of Argus may not be a good card to go with stealth minions, unless you want to buff them, as the taunt will be wasted on them.

Defender of ArgusKnife Juggler









One interesting stealth minion to note is the Patient Assassin. It is similar to the Emperor Cobra, in that any minion damaged by them will be destroyed. This put it in a very strong position of sniping down any big-target minions; the downside is that it has 1 health, so any form of AOE or random target spells can take him down immediately! Use it at an opportune time!

What do you think of the stealth ability? Let us know in the comments below!

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– Silfer

Image Credits: Blizzard, Jeremy


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