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Interview with Zeys; Winner of the GE3 Hearthstone Alley Tournament Singapore 2013 (HAT Singapore 2013)

Last week, Hearthstone Alley organised HAT Singapore 2013, which was held at GE3, Downtown East, Singapore.

Many Hearthstone players came down together for the first time to participate in the tournament and meet the community! Amongst the 20 participants, one stood as the champion after battling through the Group Stages, before proceeding to do a clean sweep in the Winners Bracket and the Grand Finals. Today, we have Zeys here for our interview!

Hi Zeys! Congratulations on being the champion at HAT Singapore 2013.


How is this experience different from climbing the Legendary ranks in Hearthstone?

There was a lot more added pressure from the crowd, as I am one of the favourites to win the tournament. For example: hearing critiques from the players watching behind me whenever I dropped a game.

How did you prepare yourself for the tournament and what were your thought processes?

I trained specifically against hard counters for each deck, and slowly refined and work out strategies to increase my chances of winning. My mentality going into this tournament was to at least secure podium finishes as I had no idea what I was going up against.

Your Warlock Aggro deck took the spotlight and is known to be your featured deck for the tournament; could you tell us more about it?

It is a pretty straight forward deck. The general idea behind it is to lower your opponent’s hit points enough till it reaches a lethal Power Overwhelming combo range.

You have had many battles during the tournament, which one was the most memorable experience for you?

It will be the Winner’s Bracket Finals against Kero, where he set up his minions for a nice betrayal twice. That was definitely the most memorable moment for me.

With GE3 being the first event that brought the Singapore Hearthstone players together, what do you think of the community?

Most of the players are rather friendly, but there are a few who does not seem to have a good grasp of the game, and yet likes to make unnecessary statements while I am playing, which can be quite annoying.

Are there any players that you look up to or caught your interest?

There is not really any player that I look up to but definitely, the whole community is an interesting bunch.

What is your favourite class and why?

Mage. It was the first class I played when I received my beta key. Who does not like shooting spells across the board?

What is your favourite card and why?

Nat Pagle. The card draws can be rather insane if you manage to secure board control, and it also acts as a soft taunt.


Any tips on how players can reach to the higher ranks like how you did?

Evaluate your play and learn from it! It’s that simple!

Do you have any future plans in Hearthstone?

That depends on my posting in National Service (NS)!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest Hearthstone and community news!

– bj0rN

Image Credits: Blizzard, Silfer


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