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RCC #2: Puzzle Time #1!


In this week’s RCC, we will be looking at an Arena Puzzle. Can you solve it?

In this column, Ranked Climb with crAzerk (RCC), our resident writer crAzerk will share his insights into the game of Hearthstone via strategy articles, blogs about his own ranked experiences, and other write-ups. These are catered to both new players as well as the average player of Hearthstone. Please leave any suggestions/requests for future articles in the comments below, or contact crAzerk directly at atqhteo [at] gmail [dot] com.

Puzzle Time #1

This came from an actual Arena game of mine; a truly nailbiting finish. Have a look! (Sorry about the edited numbers; the screenshot was taken a bit too early, and to make things easier to understand, I have edited them.)


It is your turn; you just drew Fatigue -1. On your opponent’s next turn, he will draw Fatigue -2.

You have 19 HP with no more cards as Priest, and he has 15 HP with a 0/4 Shieldbearer in hand.

Can you figure out who wins, assuming optimal moves from both players? (Difficulty 5/5)

(Read on for the solution; try to figure it out yourself first!)

Optimal Solution:

Turn 1 (Priest)
Priest HP: 17; Shaman HP: 15
Gurubashi Berseker attacks Spirit Wolf 1 (Berserker 5/5)
Flesheating Ghoul attacks Spirit Wolf 1 (Kills Wolf, Flesheating Ghoul 3/1)
Priest heals self
End Turn: Priest HP: 19; Shaman HP 15

Turn 2 (Shaman)
Fatigue – 2
Priest HP: 19; Shaman HP: 13
Fen Creeper attacks Priest, Spirit Wolf 2 attacks Priest (+5 damage)
Searing Totem attacks Flesheating Ghoul (Both die)
(Shaman could have traded to result in board clear, but that would mean Priest simply outlasts Fatigue with Hero Power : Heal)
Shaman uses Totem – Searing Totem
Shaman plays Shieldbearer (0/4)
End Turn: Priest HP: 14; Shaman HP 13

Turn 3 (Priest)
Fatigue – 2
Priest HP: 12; Shaman HP: 13
Gurubashi Berserker attacks Fen Creeper (Kills Fen Creeper, Berserker 8/2)
Priest heals self
End Turn: Priest HP: 14; Shaman HP 13

Turn 4 (Shaman)
Fatigue -3
Priest HP: 14; Shaman HP 10
Spirit Wolf and Searing Totem attacks Priest (+3 damage) (No point attacking Berserker, as Berserker is forced to attack into Spirit Wolf next turn anyway)
End Turn: Priest HP: 11; Shaman HP 10

Turn 5 (Priest)
Fatigue -3
Priest HP: 8; Shaman HP: 10
Gurubashi Berserker trades with Spirit Wolf (Both die)
Priest heals self (Keeping the Berserker alive is pointless, as he will never be able to get through the taunts)
End Turn: Priest HP: 10; Shaman HP 10

Turn 6 (Shaman)
Fatigue -4
Priest HP: 10; Shaman HP: 6
Searing Totem attacks into Priest (+1 damage)
End turn: Priest HP: 9; Shaman HP: 6

Turn 7 (Priest)
Fatigue -4
Priest HP: 5; Shaman HP: 6
Priest heals self
End Turn: Priest HP: 7; Shaman HP: 6

Turn 8 (Shaman)
Fatigue -5
Priest HP: 7; Shaman HP 1
Searing Totem attacks into Priest (+1 damage)
End Turn: Priest HP: 6; Shaman HP: 1 * Shaman dies next turn to fatigue

Turn 9 (Priest)
Fatigue -5
Priest HP: 1; Shaman HP 1 * Shaman dies next turn to fatigue
GG. Priest wins.

In the actual game, I actually healed the Berserker on Turn 3, a mistake that would have resulted in the Shaman winning if he had attacked my Hero on Turn 4.
But on Turn 4, he tried to kill my Berserker and ran all his units into it, leaving it at 1 HP (and killing it on Turn 6, as I healed my hero from then on). This mistake by him meant I won the game eventually, at 1 HP too.

Of course, you must remember that we didn’t have the luxury of time during the game to calculate 9(!) moves ahead to find the most optimal move! 😉 Very sick ending to a close game!

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– crAzerk

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment, Jeremy


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