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Card Mania #9 – Questing Adventurer


Playing a low-cost rush deck, and not have any idea of what to include in your deck? Why not consider the Questing Adventurer!

Lore (from Wowwiki.com)

Adventurer is the lore name for player characters. Although unnamed and numerous, it is thanks to these brave individuals that Azeroth has been saved on numerous occasions in recent (and past) times.

The adventurers mostly come from either of the two larger factions on Azeroth, being the Horde and Alliance (Death Knights are considered part of The Knights of the Ebon Blade, though they mostly retain their alliegance to their former faction.)

As such, most of them are of the thirteen larger races of each faction; namely Blood Elves, Darkspear Trolls, Draenei, Dwarves, Forsaken, Goblins, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Pandaren, Tauren and Worgen.


  • Type: Minion
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 3
  • Stats: 2/2
  • Ability: Whenever you play a card, gain +1/+1.
  • Class: Any
  • Crafting Cost: 100/800 (Golden) Arcane Dust
  • Disenchant: 20/100 (Golden) Arcane Dust


The Questing Adventurer thrives on heavy card usage, and so Cycle cards* such as Novice Engineer, or simply any card with a drawing ability works well.

Be it healing with a Northshire Cleric on board, or letting your Acolyte of Pain take any form of damage, your Questing Adventurer will benefit much more from the larger size of your hand.
Note*: Cycle cards are cards that when played, allow you to draw another card, hence maintaining your hand size

Given the limit of 10 Mana Crystals (or extended to more using cards such as Innervate), it generally works better with a low-cost deck, in which you can play multiple cards as opposed to a small number of high cost cards every turn. The more mana-costly your deck is going to be, the harder it is to make the Questing Adventurer effectively powerful.

As a result of the potential to become a really badass Adventurer (think 10/10), it also becomes a “soft” taunt since the opponent will be forced to take him out early, lest he snowballs with his ability.

Conversely, the effect is reduced when playing Questing Adventurer with having a small hand size.

Be sure to take him out early if your opponent plays one against you!


Low cost cards, and maintaining a large hand (through card draws and what not).

The Questing Adventurer is also a key card in the Miracle Rogue deck, where the Stealth ability and numerous low-cost spells snowball him into a monstrous opponent!

What do you think of the Questing Adventurer, and do you play him in your decks? Let us know in your comments below.

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– l0lificationx

Image Credits: us.battle.net


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