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Magic Decks #7 – The Tanklord

MD002 - Warlock Rush LongWe will be looking at a Control Warrior deck by Kungen, a high-ranking European player; the Tanklord!

The aim of this deck is to survive early game with removals, armoring up, before bullying the opponent out in the late game with all your fatties. It is not like the Warrior OTK Giants deck (which has since been nerfed), and is similar to the Frost Mage, in that you last to the late game.

We will go through the decklist before explaining about it in further detail:

Warrior (21):

  • Execute x2
  • Shield Slam x2
  • Whirlwind x2
  • Armorsmith x2
  • Cruel Taskmaster x2
  • Fiery War Axe x2
  • Slam x2
  • Frothing Berserker x2
  • Shield Block x2
  • Arathi Weaponsmith x2
  • Grommash Hellscream x1

Neutral (9):

  • Acolyte of Pain x2
  • Tinkmaster Overspark x1
  • Defender of Argus x2
  • Cairne Bloodhoof x1
  • Sylvanas Windrunner x1
  • Ragnaros the Firelord x1
  • Ysera x1


While lasting through early game, Execute will be a good card to remove key opponent minions. Whirlwind, Slam and Shield Slam are also alternatives for removal. If you are facing off against a control opponent, stacking up your armor before using Shield Slam is devastating on their large minions.


Shield Slam









Cards that provide good combinations with Whirlwind are the Armorsmith, Frothing Berserker and Acolyte of Pain; it can also be used to remove large numbers of small minions (or rush decks.)


Frothing Berserker









Weapons, like Fiery War Axe or the Arathi Weaponsmith’s weapon, provide alternatives for removal and board control as well. Defender of Argus helps to smoothen out the mid game (even though it is slightly nerfed in the latest patch), before you start to bring out the big guns.

Fiery War Axe

Arathi Weaponsmith









This is an expensive deck, due to the numerous hard-hitting legendaries in it; Ysera, Ragnaros the Firelord, Sylvanas Windrunner, Cairne Bloodhoof and Grommash Hellscream provide supreme late game power to finish off the game!


Cairne Bloodhoof









One strong combination is the Cruel Taskmaster + Grommash Hellscream, providing an instant 12 damage onto the opponent (if there are no taunts!)

Cruel Taskmaster

Grommash Hellscream









Although cards like Sylvanas Windrunner and Defender of Argus have been nerfed in the latest patch, the slight changes to them do not affect the deck’s synergy as they are options in the deck, and not an essential. The deck allows for various options to end the game depending on the situation, which makes it a very versatile and strong one!


  • Versatile
  • Strong late game


  • Slow gameplay
  • Getting the big cards early makes the match a lot harder

What do you think of this Warrior deck by Kungen? Will it be the next big thing in the current control meta?

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– Silfer

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment, Jeremy


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