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Card Mania! #13 – Knife Juggler

Juggling is not easy. Let alone with KNIVES! Do not try this at home.

Knife Juggler

Ambitious Knife Jugglers sometimes graduate to Bomb Jugglers. They never last long enough to make it onto a card though.


  • Type: Minion
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 2
  • Stats: 3/2
  • Ability: After you summon a minion, deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
  • Class: Any
  • Crafting Cost: 100/800 (Golden) Arcane Dust
  • Disenchant: 20/100 (Golden) Arcane Dust


With 3/2 stats for the cost of 2 Mana Crystals, this card is strong by itself. With the ability to constantly deal damage to random enemy targets including the hero, many consider the Knife Juggler to be a high priority target to remove.

Aggro decks work particularly well with the Knife Juggler, given their tendency to unleash low-costing minions to put early pressure on the opponent. In particular, minions that have the ability to Summon such as Dragonling Mechanic, Silver Hand Knight, or even the ever-popular Harvest Golem. Did anyone mention the Imp Master and Violet Teacher?

Since heavy minion summoning works well with the Knife Juggler, the Pint-Sized Summoner is also a viable inclusion. Or the Summoning Portal, if you are playing a Warlock.

Class-wise,  statistically the Knife Juggler have been played the most in Paladin decks (21% according to hearthpwn.com), which should be of no surprise. The Paladin class ability allows you to Summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. In other words, it is fairly easy for a Paladin to abuse the Knife Juggler’s ability even if he does not have the proper cards on hand to do so.

Alternatively, the Shaman and Warlock classes are also able to utilise them well. Summoning totems works similarly to the Paladin and his recruits, while Warlocks with their enhanced card draw ability ensures that you have minions on hand to summon!

Aim to keep the Knife Juggler alive on the board for as long as possible, through heals, or Taunt minions like Mogu’shan Warden. The constant threat of being jabbed 1-damage knives is no joke for your opponent; use this knowledge to bait out his removal spells early before they can be used on your stronger minions!

Do watch out for Enrage minions on your opponent’s board however, as your knife may very well be the trigger to activate them!


Good with:

  • Minions with Summoning Abilities
  • Paladin, Shaman and Warlock Decks
  • Aggro Decks

Bad Against/with:

  • Enrage Minions (against)
  • Sweeping Spells

Let us know what you think of the Knife Juggler, and what card we should feature next!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or our Facebook and Twitter for more quality Hearthstone and community news!

– l0lificationx

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment


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