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Interview with Kero; Winner of the Hearthstone Alley February Pauper 2014

Patch LongHearthstone Alley continued their monthly-themed tournaments; it was the Pauper format this time, whereby players can only use Basic and Common Cards in their deck!

Kero emerged victorious with his Shaman going on a 6-0 streak in the Swiss Round before becoming the Champion with a hard-fought 3-2 victory over last month’s winner, Demonmore! We are glad to have Kero here with us again for an interview!

Hi Kero! We meet once again and congratulations on being the champion at Hearthstone Alley February Pauper 2014!


What made you decide to play the Shaman class in the Pauper format?

Actually, I initially wanted to play Druid, because of its wide range of non-rare removal spells, such as Wrath and Swipe, coupled with the added bonus of value cards like the Druid of the Claw.

However, when playing against my friend AweNoProb (who also played in the Pauper Tournament) with his Shaman, I found Fire Elemental to be one of the strongest cards for the pauper format. Furthermore, I was also known for the Shaman class in the Hearthstone Alley Tournament late last year, so that probably directed me to play Shaman (to reinstate my position; hehe!) again.

Tell us what was your favorite part of the tournament?

My favourite part of the tournament would be the Swiss Round, where I had to repeatedly fight many top players (Demonmore/Pad) due to the fact that we all had perfect scores thus far. (I feel bad giving everyone their first losses though.)

What went through your mind when you had to face the winner of the Hearthstone Alley’s January Bang?

It was a different format, and I managed to beat him earlier during the group stages, so I was expecting a clear sweep, but that didn’t happen unfortunately…

How did the game go?

The game was extremely turbulent, as the score went back-and-forth until the final match of the Best-of-Five series. I managed to have a small advantage in the last game, and that managed to effectively snowball into a win.

So who was your toughest opponent?

Definitely Demonmore. It’s not just that we were both the finalists, but due to the fact that the choices of cards for side-decking in between games was just… well, interesting.

He managed to predict my sideboard plans and managed to fully utilise the information to his advantage.

An example was when his Shadow Word: Pain was effective in removing my Sen’jin Shieldmaster, so he predicted that I would remove it and he swapped in two Reckless Rocketeers to defeat me in the following game.

Which do you think was the most valuable card for the Pauper format?

The most valuable card will be the Chillwind Yeti. Even without the pauper format, it is a very strong card due to its ability to trade with 1-3 drops and still stay on the board. Due to the lack of rare-and-above spells, this thick beast is definitely valuable.

Now in regards to your deck you played with, what card would you say was your MVP?

For my deck, I think the most valuable card is Bloodlust. With three minions, it automatically adds +3 damage to each minion, totaling up to a whopping 9 damage, close to the damage Pyroblast offers. With 5 minions, it is able to halve the opponent’s health with 15 ADDITIONAL damage, without factoring your minions’ innate damage.

How do you feel about the recent balance changes?

The most notable change is the change to Pyroblast. This enables control decks to become more viable and have 2 extra turns to set up their board control, and gives them more opportunities to win against the Mage.

Few months ago, I asked you about your thoughts on our local community for Hearthstone. What do you think of it now?

I think the local scene has definitely improved a lot, whereby we have seen greater players such as Allura, bj0rN, crAzerk, Demonmore and Zeys, who are essential in fuelling the competition here in SEA as well as Singapore.

Hearthstone Alley has also done much to improve the scene, hosting the Hearthstone Alley Tournament as well as the monthly tournaments so far in 2014. Hopefully, Blizzard and bigger organisations can contribute to the Hearthstone eSports scene here, so that it can compete on a similar level as compared to other games of different genres.

I’m flattered! Anything else you will like to add on?

Finally, I will like to thank all of my friends and supporters since the start, and also God, who makes all things possible through RNG and top-decks!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest Hearthstone and community news!

– bj0rN

Image Credits: Jeremy, Silfer


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