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The Hotseat #1 – bj0rN

Bjorn LongAs crAzerk is busy with studies, we will be starting a new segment called ‘The Hotseat’!

In ‘The Hotseat’, we will interview regional Hearthstone players about them or anything Hearthstone.

For our inaugural edition, we will be interviewing Team ManaSurge’s leader; bj0rN! bj0rN is quite an established figure in the Singaporean Hearthstone community, having participated in numerous tournaments and events. We have brought him here to find out more about what he thinks of Hearthstone and its future!

Hi bj0rN! Welcome to The Hotseat and thanks for having this interview with me. Will you like to introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Bjorn Tan and am currently finishing my last year of school, where I am perusing my arts degree.

I’ve been playing games competitively for many years now but I’ve only sort of made a return to playing games more competitively recently.

What get you started on Hearthstone?

I’ve always been a fan of trading card games and when Hearthstone was announced, it got me really interested.

Previously, I have also played a bit of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG), and so I had a rogue feel of how the game will be like. Eventually, I managed to get a Beta Key and started playing it whenever I’m not playing Magic the Gathering (MTG).

Ah; I see. What’s the difference between the WoW TCG and Hearthstone, which it was based upon?

It’s been awhile since I played it, but from what I recall, it’s very similar.

You still have your hero with an active one-off ability that can be used as an ultimate move, accompanied by minions.

There are also Quest cards that allows you to get rewards, such as drawing more cards and whatnot, upon completion. The reason why I was playing the WoW TCG is because they had the Raid Decks, which can be very fun!

How’s Hearthstone been so far for you?

It’s a great game so far and the meta is always changing which makes the game very interesting. I do hope that more new content will be released soon though.

How about the Hearthstone community?

The community has been rather friendly, at least from those that I’ve met from the past few tournaments held by Hearthstone Alley (thanks for organising!). There are also actually a decent amount of good players.

Unfortunately, apart from tournaments, I’m usually just practising and playing with my team-mates while we try to prepare ourselves for upcoming tournaments.

Bjorn vs MoomifiedAbove: bj0rN vs MooMified in HAT Singapore 2013

Thanks for the shout-out! Want to talk more about your team?

Just like for TCGs, I’ve always loved to form a team so that players can share and help each other out with their game play and interact with each other. And with that, I started to scout for players to form a team right after GE3, looking out for players that I feel that I could work well with and hoping that we can work something out.

The initial members that I have managed to gather are Allura, Unistar and Zeys. We did very well in the following tournament; the Hearthstone Alley January Bang, with Allura getting 3rd place and with me at 2nd. From there, we were convinced that we actually work very well as a team and decided to move forward together, recruiting Crazerk and Equivocal as well.

The team was more of a playgroup until recently, when we decided to give our team a name for an identity. And there you have it; Team ManaSurge.

Sounds exciting! What is your direction for Team ManaSurge?

I guess we are just going to keep playing and polishing up our skills for now until we can be recognised.

Some of the team members will soon be busy with other commitments such as National Service, so we’ll probably have to sort things out a little. We hope that as a team, we can establish ourselves to be one of the best.

Looking forward to any tournaments or events?

The upcoming eHL Season 1 will be a challenging tournament, and I’m really looking forward to meeting more players there. And also, all the best to everyone, especially my team mates!

I do hope that more tournaments and events will be organised, so that we can keep things moving and interesting for everyone.

Haha; yup! Do you think Hearthstone can be an eSport?

I don’t see why not?

Let’s talk about your favourites! Any class or card that you are exceptionally fond of?

Just like when I was playing the WoW TCG, I’ve grown fond of playing the Druid class in Hearthstone. The Druid class in Hearthstone is just very versatile and there are a lot of ‘value’ minions and spells to play, allowing you to make a choice based on the situation.

I don’t really have a card that I am very fond of, but I like the Kobold Geomancer, just because the way it says “YOU NO TAKE CANDLE!” always crack me up.

What do you think of the current meta?

The current meta in Hearthstone is very refreshing now and every class seems pretty viable to play now. Most players are going for the aggro/mid range decks now because players tend to rather be going proactive than reactive.

Thanks again for the interview; bj0rN! Any shoutouts?

Big thanks to my girlfriend for giving me her spare Hearthstone Beta Key! Without it, I probably would not have started on my journey and meet the other guys at GE3. To my team mates in ManaSurge, may the odds be in our favour for the upcoming tournaments! Also thanks to Hearthstone Alley for organizing the tournaments for us players and building a nice community alongside with EpicGamingTV.

What do you think of this interview? Let us know who you will like us to highlight next!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest Hearthstone and community news!

– Silfer


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