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Techniques Training #13 – Combo-breaker!

GGWP002 - Miracle Rogue's Miraculous Turn LongIn this week’s ‘Techniques Training’, we will be looking at the Combo ability!

The Combo ability of a card activates if it is not the first one played during the turn, and it is exclusive to the Rogue class.

The Combo ability is very efficient as when activated, they provide a boost to the player or damage against the opponent. It is best played with cheap cards, so that the Combo ability can be easily activated. Having too many Combo cards in a deck may not be very efficient as you may have to waste a Combo effect to activate another!

Note: The Coin can be used as a catalyst for the Combo ability; a very popular move by Rogue users is The Coin + Defias Ringleader. It will immediately spawn a 2/2 and a 2/1 on Turn 1, instantly putting pressure onto the opponent. Therefore, it is more favourable for Rogues to start second!

Some Cards with Combo abilities

  • Defias Ringleader
  • SI:7 Agent
  • Edwin VanCleef

Defias Ringleader

SI7 Agent









A very popular deck that makes use of the Combo ability is the Miracle Rogue deck!

You can even read about its play here or watch it in action below!

Some say the Combo ability is what makes the Rogue look so flashy. It is due to its many tricks that the Rogue finds an opening to break down the opponent’s defense.

What do you all think about the Combo ability? Let us know in the comments below!

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– Silfer


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