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Magic Decks #11 – Token Druid

P003 - Druid LongIn this week’s ‘Magic Decks’, we will be looking at a Druid deck that brought faction123 to Legend rank!

This is an Aggressive Mid-Range deck that aims to establish board control through the token generation from Imp Master and Violet Teacher before finishing off the game with a Savage Roar. That does not mean it is weak Late Game as the Ancient of Lores and Cenarius will showcase themselves!

This deck is reminiscent of the old Druid decks before the Warlock Rush meta made it unviable; some people may also comment it is similar to the Savage Roar Druid deck that we are seeing a lot nowadays.

Let us start off by looking at the decklist:

Druid (18):

  • Innervate x2
  • Claw x2
  • Swipe x2
  • Savage Roar x2
  • Wrath x2
  • Power of the Wild x2
  • Keeper of the Grove x2
  • Force of Nature x1
  • Ancient of Lore x2
  • Cenarius

Neutral (12):

  • Havest Golem x2
  • Violet Teacher x2
  • Imp Master x2
  • Defender of Argus x2
  • Azure Drake x2
  • Nat Pagle
  • Leeroy Jenkins

Try to mulligan for 2 or 3 drops; keep the board control by producing and trading off minions. Power of the Wild, Keeper of the Grove and Defender of Argus provides additional buffs to the overall board while Savage Roar can serve as the finisher.

Force of Nature and Cenarius helps to prop up the board as well, while Leeroy acts as a secondary finisher.

Key Point: A very interesting, yet important point is with regards to the mechanics of the Power of the Wild in conjunction with Violet Teacher. Casting a Power of the Wild (1/1 buff) will allow the Violet Teacher to spawn a 2/2 Violet Apprentice (instead of a 1/1!)

For those who are interested, Noxious gave a review of an older version of the deck:


  • Very Fun Deck
  • Strong Board Control


  • Weak to Area of Effect (AoE)

Do you all prefer this deck to the Savage Roar deck? Let us know in the comments below!

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– Silfer

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment, Jeremy


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