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Hearthstone Alley – Tough Cookie Tournament Decklists!

Hearthstone Alley - Tough Cookie LongA tournament of epic proportions was being held at Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe last Sunday!

Many top Hearthstone players within Singapore battled it out in this tournament, which was sponsored by Razer, and streamed by Epic Gaming Television!

After a tough double elimination play-offs, where Legends pit off against other top players, Wensushi emerged as the Champion after a pulsating 3-2 battle against zGGLeoz!

For the tournament brackets, click here!

Champion: Wensushi

Deck 1: Paladin

Paladin (13):Wensushi with Sock

  • Equality x2
  • Holy Light x1
  • Aldor Peacekeeper x2
  • Truesilver Champion x2
  • Consecration x2
  • Avenging Wrath x1
  • Guardian of Kings x1
  • Lay on Hands x1
  • Tirion Fordring

Neutral (17):

  • Nat Pagle
  • Sunfury Protector x2
  • Wild Pyromancer x2
  • Big Game Hunter x1
  • Tinkmaster Overspark
  • Twilight Drake x2
  • Azure Drake x1
  • Faceless Manipulator x1
  • The Black Knight
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Alexstrasza
  • Mountain Giant x1
  • Molten Giant x2

The Paladin deck, as many would have noticed by now, is similar to the Handlock, where there is a heavy focus on staple cards like Twilight Drake and the Giants to overwhelm opponents in the Mid-Late game.

“I chose it over the Warlock because I find it easier to recover from heavy damage in the late game with cards like Guardian of Kings and Lay on Hands, making it generally more consistent against a wider spectrum of cards.”

This deck was also played by renowned player Koyuki, who wrecked Savjz 3-0 with it in the latest season of ESGN Fight Night!

Deck 2: Druid

Druid (15):

  • Innervate x2
  • Claw x1
  • Wrath x2
  • Savage Roar x1
  • Swipe x2
  • Keeper of the Grove x2
  • Druid of the Claw x2
  • Force of Nature x1
  • Ancient of Lore x2

Neutral (15):

  • Bloodmage Thalnos
  • Nat Pagle
  • Sunfury Protector x2
  • Earthen Ring Farseer x1
  • Harvest Golem x2
  • Tinkmaster Overspark
  • Chillwind Yeti x2
  • Azure Drake x2
  • Faceless Manipulator x1
  • Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Ragnaros the Firelord

The Druid deck, with its strong cards like Ancient of Lore, Druid of the Claw, and Keeper of the Grove, makes it easier to amass board control.

“I went with the typical Control Druid over the Watcher or Token Druid due to its late game prowess and my general familiarity with it.”

A consistent deck, we believe that almost every player has considered running it for tournaments at some point in time.

Deck 3: Warlock

Warlock (7):

  • Soulfire x2
  • Power Overwhelming x2
  • Voidwalker x2
  • Hellfire x1

Neutral (23):

  • Abusive Sergeant x2
  • Argent Squire x2
  • Elven Archer x2
  • Leper Gnome x2
  • Shieldbearer x1
  • Young Priestess x2
  • Dire Wolf Alpha x1
  • Ironbeak Owl x2
  • Knife Juggler x2
  • Arcane Golem x1
  • Tinkmaster Overspark
  • Wolfrider x2
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Argent Commander x2

A Warlock Rush deck, it breaks away from the conventional Murlock that we are seeing a lot of nowadays.

“I picked it for its variation, and also as a contrast to the other control heavy decks.”

Cards like Knife Juggler and Leper Gnome pose substantial amounts of threat Early Game that opponents have no choice but to make unfavourable plays. Hellfire allows for the removal of cheap Taunts like Feral Spirit, and also deal a potential game-changing three damage.

Leeroy with Power Overwhelming and Soulfire add the icing onto the cake.

Runner-Up: zGGLeoz

Druid, Warlock, Shaman

2nd Runner-Up: Crysalist

Shaman, Paladin, Druid

Let us know what you think of the decklists in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest Hearthstone and community news!

– Silfer

Image Credits: Sheepytrilogy


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