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The Hotseat #2 – Kaiel

Geoffrey LongAfter our interesting interview with bj0rN, we will be having Kaiel in this week’s Hotseat!

In ‘The Hotseat’, we will interview regional Hearthstone players about them or anything Hearthstone.

For our second edition, we will be interviewing Kaiel, a regular in Southeast Asia (SEA) Hearthstone tournaments! We have brought him here to find out more about what he thinks of Hearthstone and its future!

Hi Kaiel; glad to have you on our interview today. Will you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello!, my in-game handles are usually Kaiel or Kaielogy, and my real name is Geoffrey.

What brings you to Hearthstone, Kaiel?

I’ve been a gamer since 5 to 6 years ago, playing different game genres as a casual player, from Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) like Defence of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends (LoL), to Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as Guild Wars 2.

I then found out about this game through a friend from LoL; I’m kind of surprised that I got hooked to this game as I have never touched any online CCG before.

Haha; how’s the experience so far?

I’m trying to get my rank as high as possible like many other players; I really like the experience of working my brains to outplay my opponents!

I also enjoy making new friends from the community that is emerging from this game.

Ah; what do you think of the community?

I think the community is really friendly; everyone is sharing their ideas, and giving me different inspirations to make new decks!

I will also like to thank Hearthstone Alley for the different tournaments that they have hosted; it allows me to have more chances to hang out with them.

Thanks for the shout-out! Any plans for the future?

Yes definitely! Because of my commitment to NS, I won’t be able to commit much other than playing in different tournaments to gain experience. It is also the first time that I want to try and go further into E-sports!

There are still much more to learn from players like Kero and Bjorn from ManaSurge; it’s an honour to be in the pioneer batch of players with them.

What do you think of your performances in tournaments so far?

I believe that I stand a chance in previous tournaments, which I can place higher but I believe my weakness right now is that I have been trying too hard to form my own unique decks and focusing too much on playing my favourite Paladin class.

I believe I need to open up and do more research on the proven decks that are circulating online and seek guidance from there.

Geoffrey Long 2

Keep up the hard work! Where do you think the current meta is heading though?

I believe every deck has its own pros and cons, and playstyles; if you know how to form them, every class and deck is viable. It is akin to playing scissors paper stone with the element of RNG.

I believe the meta is moving into a late-game playstyle; aggressive decks are slowly getting countered but both types still require the final tweak to perfection.

Do you think that your favourite Paladin is able to hold his own in this meta?

The Paladin is neither aggressive nor passive, and I will say, the most versatile among other classes.

It is a little hard to say if Paladin can hold his own against other classes because there is no standard meta like Druid or the Hunter which defines a late-game or aggressive playstyle. For the Paladin, I believe it’s all about the players that constructed him, like Koyuki, who crafted an amazing Giants Paladin deck.

I see! Do you have a favourite card?

Of course, and that is the almighty Tirion Fordring!

I love the effects of him giving me a 5/3 weapon upon death and is an especially good taunt. However, it is very vulnerable against Tinkmaster Overspark and Silences because his effects are what make him good. The card is really balanced in my opinion, and I really hope Blizzard can tweak the Paladin a little so that more plays of him can be seen!

Will you be participating in the Hearthstone Alley March Team Tournament?

I will if I am able to get an active team that can train together! I love the idea of having a team, where there is strong sportsmanship and bonding!

That’s great! Any shout outs you will like to make as we conclude this interview?

I want to thank the game for turning me into a more competitive player! Also, thanks to the pioneer batch of players for the time and fun I had with in all the different tournaments!

What do you think of this interview? Let us know who you will like us to highlight next!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or our Facebook and Twitter for the latest Hearthstone and community news!

– Silfer

Image Credits: Silfer, Sheepytrilogy


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