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Card Mania! #15 – Mad Bomber

Think you got the RNGesus in your favor? Why not test it out with the Mad Bomber!

Mad Bomber

Wanna blow something up?

Lore (from hearthstone.gamepedia.com)

Goblins are small humanoids, crafty and shrewd, bearing an overwhelming interest in commerce and a strong curiosity about mechanical things. Goblin society is fragmented, defined chiefly by commerce and trade. The ultimate schemers and con artists, goblins are always in search of a better deal. Despite their seemingly chaotic natures, they exist in a fairly strict and straightforward hierarchy. Other races universally view goblins as inventors, merchants and, without exception, maniacs. Goblins value technology as a useful aspect of commerce. Some say that their advantage — and their curse — is to be the primary users of technology in a world governed by magic. While dwarves and gnomes share a similar gift, goblin technology is more far-reaching and sinister and makes a larger impact on the natural world.

They employ vast teams of engineers who expand on current technology and produce gadgets to suit a wide array of applications. They constantly build and repair machines and work on new ideas. Unfortunately, goblins alternate passionate genius with wandering focus. Their lack of discipline means that many creations end up half finished as something else catches their attention. Goblin workmanship has a partially deserved reputation for unreliability, and a goblin device may explode simply because its creator forgot to add a vital release valve. Goblins are envious of the Ironforge dwarves’ invention of firearms, both from a commercial and a technological standpoint. Goblins recognize that firearms represent a new source of power, and he who controls the source controls the gold — which is, to goblins, the ultimate power. Fortunately for the rest of the world, goblin firearm experimentation suffers from the race’s normal laxity — and improperly tended gunpowder experiments continue to end the careers of many aspiring goblin tinkers. However, goblin ingenuity has paid off a few times; goblin gunpowder weapons tend to be inelegant and violently explosive (land mines, rockets and the like).


  • Type: Minion
  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost: 2
  • Stats: 3/2
  • Ability: Battlecry: Deal 3 damage randomly split between all other characters.
  • Class: Any
  • Crafting Cost: 40/400 (Golden) Arcane Dust
  • Disenchant: 5/50 (Golden) Arcane Dust


On first look, the Mad Bomber is just another one of those 2 cost 3/2 cards. However, what makes him stand out from the rest is his psuedo Charge ability! “Where’s the charge, you say?”

Upon summon, the Mad Bomber bombs three randomly selected targets for 1 damage each (excluding itself), and the same target can be hit for more than once! This is particularly useful for decks with limited or no sweeping ability.

Unlike the Mage class which has a myriad of options like Arcane ExplosionArcane Barrage, Frost Nova, and the like, there are classes like the Paladin which doesn’t have much of a choice in the earlier stages of the game until they are able to use Consecration. Having alternatives instead of playing into a predictable pattern may disrupt your opponents strategy as they would not have expected such a move.


To make it more probable for your bombs to hit your opponents instead of yourself, the general methodology in playing this card is to check whether your opponent has more minions than you do. ASSUMING the psuedo random nature of the bomb target selection, it should give a higher probability of selecting your opponent’s assets instead of your own. In dire situations, a lucky gamble with the 3 damage may turn the tides in your favor! A single nuke may be sufficient for another of your minion to remove your oppoenent’s Taunt minion off the board for example.

The ability is particularly very useful in removing Divine Shield, which can be really annoying when applied on a Taunt minion. Argent Squire and Argent Commander are the two more commonly used minions for the Divine Shield ability. Interesting note: If all 3 bombs happen to land on a newly-summoned Argent Commander, its instakill! Isn’t that awesome?

Enrage minions like the Raging Worgen also benefits from the Mad Bomber. One hit is enough to activate the Enrage effect.


Good against/with:

  • Decks that need sweeping options
  • Against Divine Shield Minions
  • Enrage Minions

Bad against/with:

  • Enemy’s Enrage Minion (If you fail to kill them off)
  • Your own Divine Shield minions

Have any other suggestion as to how to utilise the Mad Bomber? Leave us your comments and let us know what card we should feature next!

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– l0lificationx

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment, League of Legends: Ziggs Splash Art


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