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Interview with Kero, Winner of ManaGrind’s Friday Night Swiss #11!

KeroKero has placed Singapore, and South-East Asia on the map with his impressive victory in ManaGrind’s Friday Night Swiss #11!

We have managed to get Kero to for a short interview with us, as we find out how he feels about Hearthstone, the region, and himself!

Hi Kero; glad to have you for an interview today! Will you like to do a little self-introduction?

Hey; thanks for having me here today! I’m Samuel Soh, better known by my handle “Kero”, and I am currently playing for Team ManaSurge.

As a Singaporean, I have gained much exposure from the many tournaments organised in the country and region so far, and is well-established as one of the better Shaman players in the region.

Congratulations on your victory in ManaGrind’s Friday Night Swiss NA #11; how are you feeling right now?

Great! I didn’t expect to win after dropping a round against Lemniscate in the Swiss stage, but managed to get into the top 8 cut with a 6-1 score.

That was a splendid performance; you are probably the first-known player from South-East Asia to have won a ManaGrind tournament! How do you feel carrying the hopes of the region’s players?

I feel that it’s definitely a big responsibility to represent South-East Asia (SEA) as a player in an American tournament.

As we are under-represented in international tournaments, it is pressuring to uphold the quality and image of SEA players. It is also notably harder to pursue a professional gaming lifestyle in SEA as well, given that the social stigma in our countries are that games are bad for the children and youth, but hopefully obtaining first in this tournament will dispel some myths.

We’ve also shown the international community that SEA is quite a force to be reckoned with.

How do you feel personally about the region’s players?

I feel that the region’s players are getting faster and improving at a much faster rate than expected.

For example, we’ve seen new players like Crea, zGGLeoz and international contenders like Lemniscate manage to get far in the first round of eHL. On a less competitive side, I’m glad that the players in our region uphold a strong sense of respect, trust and  sportsmanship, which I know that there will not be any foul play in tournaments here.

Generally, I’m very contented with the players in our region.

How about you? Any aims for Hearthstone?

My dream is to represent Singapore in the future at an international offline tournament such as Blizzcon, and I’ll definitely be working towards that goal!

Good luck in working towards that! Any shout-outs you will like to make?

Huge shoutouts to ManaGrind and their organisers Samaca and TheChiv, as well as RizeUpGaming for collaborating to organise this tournament and sponsor the prizes.

Also, big thanks to ManaSurge and my friends for the support so far; God in helping out for playing the role of RNGesus; and last but not least, Hearthstone Alley and Silfer for the interview!

What do you think of Kero’s impressive victory in ManaGrind’s Friday Night Swiss?

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– Silfer

Image Credits: Silfer


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