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Card Mania! #16 – Ironbeak Owl

SILENCE IN THE COURT!…and also on the board!

Ironbeak Owl

Their wings are silent but their screech is…

whatever the opposite of silent is.


Ironbeak Owl is a World of Warcraft NPC part of a classification of Bird of Prey, whom are tameable by the Hunter class. The Ironbeak Owl can be found in the Felwood regions and has a level range of 44-45.


  • Type: Minion ( Beast)
  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost: 2
  • Stats: 2/1
  • Ability: Battlecry: Silence a minion.
  • Class: Any
  • Crafting Cost: 40/400 (Golden) Arcane Dust
  • Disenchant: 5/50 (Golden) Arcane Dust


The Ironbeak Owl is not a cost-effective minion by itself; its redeeming factor comes from its ability to Silence another minion. The primary use of silence is to remove your opponent’s buffs, such as Blessing of Kings, and more than often, to remove persistent effects such as Taunt and Windfury. Disabling such abilities opens up more options for a counter-play, such as being able to destroy a minion that was once too tanky, or to attack another minion that would not have been possible due to the presence of a Taunt minion.

Since many desk strategies involve using card abilities to gain the upper hand, having the ability to Silence some of these effects will prove useful to handle the abuse of abilities. Opponent’s building up his Questing Adventurer? No problem! Silence that guy back down to his 2/2 weeny little thing.















Silencing your own minions can be beneficial at times, especially when you have cards that have negative effects, such as the Warlocks’s Power Overwhelming. When Silence is used on a minion imbued with Power Overwhelming after he has attacked, it disables the after-turn effect that destroys the minion!

For classes other than Druid, Priest and Shaman, the Ironbeak Owl and Spellbreaker are the only silencing options at the moment. As to decide upon which of the two to put, first consider the mana curve of your deck. If you find that you run out of mana too often when using Spellbreaker, consider switching to the Ironbeak Owl and vice versa. Have an Ancient Watcher in the deck? Silencing enables him to attack!

One interesting thing to note is that Silence also negates the Freeze effect. This is particularly useful against Mage decks since they have a lot of spells with Freeze abilities. Oh wait, the Owl’s a beast type? Well, Hunters sure have a use for them!

HOWEVER, Silence does not negate Hex, Mind Control, Polymorph or Transformation effects, so do keep that in mind! Silence also does not affect future buffs as well; as in when your opponents plays a buff on a minion that you have silenced earlier. Nevertheless, it will prove to be an invaluable asset in any deck, so long as the Silence ability is well-harnessed.


Good against/with:

  • Minions with negative side effects like Ancient Watcher
  • Good against effect-heavy decks
  • Generally good with everything!

Bad against/with:

  • Swarm decks; Heck, There’s nothing much to silence!

Seen any good plays with Ironbeak Owl before? Leave us your comments and let us know what card we should feature next!

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– l0lificationx

Image Credits: Knowyourmeme.com


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