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Interview with xNVx; Winner of Hearthstone Alley Brawl NA #1

Clarence Long - 2A new challenger to the competitive Hearthstone scene, xNVx was recently featured in ‘Pro Player Spycam‘!

We are glad to have him here for a short interview with us after his amazing victory in the Brawl last Sunday!

Hey Clarence; glad to have you on our interview today. Will you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi; I am Clarence, BattleTag xNVx. NV actually stands for NibelungValesti, which is what I normally use… but BattleNet does not allow such long user ids.

What an interesting name! How did it come about?

It is the name of an ultimate attack from some ancient PlayStation 1 game called Valkyrie Profile!

The game is a cult classic and is really awesome! I go by that name on League of Legends (LoL) as well, and many people mistake me for being a Vietnamese. The word is actually German though.

Congratulations on your triumph in the Hearthstone Alley Brawl NA #1; how do you feel?

Great; of course! It never feels bad to win something. Furthermore, I had a pretty good performance during that Brawl, dropping only a game against Kaiel.

Thus, I am pretty satisfied with my performance.

That was an impressive performance with the Token Druid deck! Will you like to give our readers a few tips on using that deck?

Token Druid decks mostly deal damage through the intelligent use of Savage Roar; it is often not wise to hold Savage Roar for too long, and it is pretty okay to use it even with only 3-4 minions on the board even if you do not have lethal damage.

Interesting deck you here there; for a Token Druid deck, you do not utilise the Imp Master. What’s more; you have a Moonfire, which is a rarely-seen card in Druid decks. What’s your rationale behind it?

Imp Master feels slightly slow against Aggro decks; it is really good at populating the board, but as a neutral 3 drop, it does not have any immediate impact and is taken out too easily. I have had greater success with Argent Squires, as they give me a way to efficiently spend my mana in the Mid-game and also work as a very strong opener against Aggro decks.

The Moonfire is a replacement for the second Claw, and with Bloodmage Thalnos and 2 Azure Drakes, I often get a chance to Moonfire for 2 damage, putting it on par with Claw. Furthermore, it costs zero mana and has the added flexibility of not costing a hero attack, as well as bypassing taunts. Strangely enough, Moonfire is more of a Mid-game card and can cause huge swings at turn 5 with a play like Azure Drake + Moonfire, or Violet Teacher + Moonfire. I rarely ever need more than 1 Claw to deal with Aggro decks and Moonfire fulfills the same purpose.

Who do you think was your hardest opponent in the tournament?

Kaiel and his Control Warrior. He went 6-0 in the Swiss rounds and played really well. Unfortunately (and somewhat luckily,) he was eliminated in the Quarter-Finals, and I did not have to face him.

Looks like we will be seeing more of you in the upcoming Hearthstone Alley Brawl NA #2 this coming Sunday; are you confident of your chances?

I definitely feel I stand a chance! With the new nerfs to Nat Pagle and Tinkmaster Overspark, Control decks has taken a serious hit; I play mostly Mid-range decks, so I am pretty happy that it sort of benefits me.

Good luck to you in the tournament! Any shout-outs you will like to make?

I would like to thank Hearthstone Alley for making this tournament possible, as well as friends and family for well.. being friends and family.

What do you think of the interview with xNVx?

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– Silfer

Image Credits: Silfer


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