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Interview with Teh Ci Fast Game; Winner of Singapore Hearthstone Team Tournament

Teh Ci Fast GameWe managed to get Teh Ci Fast Game for an interview with us; find out what they feel!

Hi guys; congratulations on winning the Team Tournament yesterday! Will you all like to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Ze Yang (ZY): Thanks! Hi; I’m Ze Yang (MewThreee), leader of Teh Ci Fast Game, currently a year 2 Banking and Finance student in NP. Started Hearthstone last October when I won a beta key from the Hearthstone SEA fanpage.

Yuan Kai (YK): I’m Yuan Kai and i go by “Xephyr”. I’m a year 2 student from SP. Started Hearthstone when I got my beta key from the one and only “blysk sama”

Samuel Soh (SS): I’m Samuel ‘TaRo’ Soh, 2nd year student from Singapore Polytechnic.

Where did the name ‘Teh Ci Fast Game’ come from?

ZY: We are a bunch of friends who gather to drink Teh Ci like every week to chit chat. Fast game because we play really quickly and don’t take much time to make our turns.

SS: We are a group of friends that bond together every week or so to drink Teh-Ci at a coffee shop. We make fast decisions during our turns, ensuring fast and precise actions.

How do you all feel winning a tournament for the first time?

SS: Definitely didn’t expect to win the whole tourney. The winning of our 1st LAN experience would definitely stay in our hearts for a long time.

YK: First of all, we definitely feel happy about winning (who doesn’t), but we definitely didn’t expect to go so far as the underdog.

ZY: I feel good ya; ez game ez life.

How did you all prepare for the tournament?

SS: We played against each other during the weekend before the tourney and tweaked our decks according to what was needed to improve our decks.

ZY: I went with my favourite Druid deck named “Bite Your Face”. Its the deck that I use in ranked the most and I felt that it was capable of beating some top tier decks. We went with the strat of one Aggro Deck, one Mid-Range and one High Cost Deck.

YK: We played against each other for some games and made necessary changes to our decks to improve it.

Which match-up do you all think your decks are weak against?

SS: For my Paladin, I’m weak against early taunts and board removal decks.

ZY: For my Druid deck, it is weak against Aggro Decks. In my opinion, if I don’t get an Innervate to summon a high cost taunt, it will be hard for my Druid to catch up.

YK: For my Shaman deck, i think it struggles with Warlock Zoo if I don’t get my early Feral Spirits and Lightning Storm.

Teh Ci Fast Game Long

How do you all find the competition?

YK: I find that the only thing bad about the competition is making the players wait for too long for their next game; other than that, everything’s fine.

ZY: Too long… I cannot imagine what would happen if there were 32 teams… Overall I think the strongest teams there are Hearthstoners and BTX but the advantage we have is that they are using popular decks such as Warlock Zoo, Miracle Rogue, etc so we knew the rough idea of their deck which helped us in our decision making.

SS: To be honest, I find the competition too long but overall its fine as we were able to play other games while waiting in the LAN shop for our turn to play. But to be able to invite more teams to join the competition, I think things have to change regarding the set-up of the competition to prevent a time drag.

Will this tournament be the start for you guys to transition into a Hearthstone team?

ZY: Yes, we will definitely join more hearthstone competitions as a team. I enjoy these kind of team tournaments rather than solo tournaments as when you think as a team, you make the best decisions as everyone can input their thoughts. As long as such competitions are on weekends, we’ll be glad to join, as me and Samuel are doing our internship now.

SS: It will depend on my two team members’ decisions as I will follow along them as they are my friends. We can support each other.

YK: As of now, I am not sure yet, but I’ll definitely be sticking with my friends.

Any shout-outs you all will like to make?

ZY: Shoutouts to all our friends that came to support us yesterday, and friends that are watching the stream from Germany (Thomas) and China (WeiXian) and also our army boy Jason “yekke” Chan. And not forgetting about our best friend, RnGesus.

SS: Shout out to my family and friends (Kar Hin, Kai Wen, Guan Yuan) for staying and supporting ‘Teh Ci Fast Game’ for the whole day.

YK: Shoutouts to our friends that came down to support (Kaiwen, Guanyuan, Karhin), Thomas who gave me the Hearthstone beta key, and Weixian watching from China.

What do you all think of Teh Ci Fast Game? Will they be the next team to sweep the scene?

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– Silfer

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