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eHL Season 1 Cycle 2 Playoffs – 3rd April

eGTV Hearthstone League continues with the Playoffs as Celedor took on Raxael in the Winner’s Bracket Quarter-Finals!

Celedor 3 – 1 Raxael


Celedor’s Druid went off with a strong lead against Raxael’s Shaman. Just when Raxael built up a formidable board with a Flametongue Totem in between the Feral Spirits, Celedor’s finished them off instantly with a Wrath and his minions. With Raxael unable to draw a Lightning Storm, Celedor’s board control grew and he never looked back.

Celedor (Druid)Raxael (Shaman)

Moving on to Murlocks, Raxael hoped for a repeat of the blessing from the RNGesus that gave him a 3-0 during the Group Stages. However, RNGesus was not on his side this time as Celedor got the dream opening of Wild Pyromancer + Claw which cleared Raxael’s board. The setback put Raxael on the backfoot, which he was unable to recover from.

Celedor (Druid)Raxael (Warlock)

With his final deck, Raxael’s Face Hunter finished off Celedor’s Druid easily; the early double Misha by Raxael put him in a fantastic position. Even with Raxael’s early casting of spells instead of summoning minions (a move not recommended due to their utility against the Druid’s taunts later), Celedor could not fend off Raxael’s advances this time.

Celedor (Druid)Raxael (Hunter)

With Celedor sending out the Handlock next, the match-up is in Raxael’s favour. However, a Shadowflame put Raxael’s dreams of a comeback to rest. On hindsight, Raxael could have made plays that will have put him in a better position. Thus, Celedor won the Best-of-5 series with a 3-1 victory, with his Priest deck kept under wraps.

Celedor (Warlock)Raxael (Hunter)

Al2TTO 3 – 0 Howi

Al2TTO vs Howi

Al2TTO from Thailand and Howi from the Philippines were next.

Their Druid – Hunter match-up was reminiscent of Celedor and Raxael’s first game. A Turn 1 Chilldwind Yeti was promptly dealt with by Howi. However, with Howi using every turn to stave off Al2TTO, Al2TTO’s growing board control combined with a timely Savage Roar left Howi with no hope of a turnaround.

Al2TTO (Druid)Howi (Shaman)

Howi proceeded to use a Divine Shields/Secrets Paladin deck that was viable before the Secrets nerf  (Secrets can only be activated on the opponent’s turn now.) Al2TTO was chomped by the massive amount of Recruits and Argent Squires until a Swipe + Ancient of Lore gave him the breathing space he needs. A full board with Force of Nature and Savage Roar gave Al2TTO a burst of more than 30 damage that Howi was unable to deal with.

Al2TTO (Druid)Howi (Paladin)

Moving towards a Druid mirror match, Howi played a Doomsayer to stem Al2TTO’s early board dominance. After it was dealt with, Al2TTO’s board control grew and another Force of Nature + Savage Roar condemned Howi to the Loser’s Bracket.

Al2TTO (Druid)Howi (Druid)

Celedor 3 – 0 Al2TTO


Celedor fought against Al2TTO next to determine who will be the first finalist of the Winner’s Bracket!

Playing the decks that brought them their last victory, Celedor’s Handlock and Al2TTO’s Watcher Druid went tit-for-tat. The lack of removal on the Druid tilted the game in Celedor’s favour; a desperate rush by Al2TTO was easily halted by Celedor’s superior minions. This marked the herald of the Druid’s demise.

Celedor (Warlock)Al2TTO (Druid)

Next up was a mirror match. Al2TTO’s failure to use his Hero Power on Turn 2 may be a possible turning point, but the mistake was quickly overlooked as they traded blows with each other. Smashing his Twilight Drake and a Soulfire on Celedor’s Mountain Giant, Celedor returned the favour with a value Big Game Hunter.

As Celedor continued to build up his board, Al2TTO’s wretched draw and inability to put out any minions would soon cost him the game.

Celedor (Warlock)Al2TTO (Warlock)

When Al2TTO whipped out the Shaman, viewers were surprised by his decision to not field it earlier; it was favoured in the match-up against the Handlock.

They were soon thrown out of the mind when both players jostled back and forth for board control before a misplay by Al2TTO (a failure to clear the board) allowed Celedor to stabilise it with taunts and scrapped a victory in the late game.

Celedor (Warlock)Al2TTO (Shaman)

Celedor managed to leave his Priest deck untouched as he made his climb to the Winner’s Bracket Finals with an impressive 6-1 aggregate victory!

Stay tuned tomorrow as we cover the other half of the Winner’s Bracket! Both Quarter-Final games will be a classic representation of the Philippines versus Thailand! Who do you think will prevail?

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– Silfer

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  • Silfer

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