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eHL Season 1 Cycle 2 Playoffs – 4th April

Moving to Day 2 of the eGTV Hearthstone League Playoffs, we start off the day with Machtung against Thaibg!

This game and the next match (Muizaa versus Lordcru) were branded as ‘Philippines vs Thailand’ as both matches have players from both nations.

You can also check out our coverage of Day 1 here!

Machtung 0 – 3 Thaibg

Machtung vs Thaibg

Thailand drew a ‘First Blood’ in the match-up, with Thaibg wrecking up a 3-0 victory over Machtung!

The Handlock against the Druid is definitely a match of epic proportions; plays were aplenty in this exciting battle!

Putting out a rarely-seen and possibly controversial 10/5 Ancient of War, and a Cairne Bloodhoof, Thaibg hopes to seal the win over Machtung. Trading off his Mountain Giant with the Ancient of War, a Power Overwhelming + Sylvanas Windrunner placed the ball in Machtung’s court, stealing Cairne along the way.

A Shadowflame misclick, though, allowed Thaibg back into the game. This mistake came back to haunt him as Thaibg’s board dominance produced an incredible victory!

Machtung (Warlock)Thaibg (Druid)

Sending out the Shaman against the Druid, Machtung was possibly hoping to deflect Thaibg’s advances with taunts and Hexes. Things did not go as planned, as the Druid built upon his superb early game, leaving the Shaman struggling to gain tempo.

Playing Ancient of War as a 10/5 for the second game in a row, the questionable play did not affect Thaibg as his stranglehold over Machtung was too overwhelming.

Machtung (Shaman)Thaibg (Druid)

Bringing on the Control Warrior and hoping for a turn in fortunes, the plan seemed to work as Machtung and Thaibg traded back and forth.

When Thaibg summoned his Ragnaros the Firelord, Machtung replied in turn for a Ragnaros Roulette Showdown! Alas, things did not go his way as his Ragnaros hit the Druid, and Thaibg finished it, and the game, off with a Big Game Hunter.

Machtung (Warrior)Thaibg (Druid)

Muizaa 1 – 3 Lordcru

Muizaa vs Lordcru

Lordcru got one for the Philippines with his victory over Muizaa, preventing an all-Thailand Semi-Finals.

Both players started with a mirror Paladin match, albeit with different forms of control. From the Aldor Peacekeeper + Stampeding Kodo to the massive number of legendaries, a good ol’ Equality + Consecration helped Lordcru clinch the first game.

Muizaa (Paladin)Lordcru (Paladin)

Bringing out the Druid, Muizaa got off to a very good start; Lordcru was barely maintaining parity.

However, a fantastic calculation by Lordcru allowed him to survive by the skin of his teeth. Lay on hands prevented a Savage Roar + Force of Nature combo from taking place.

Even with 22 health, Lordcru did not let his guard down and healed again with a Guardian of Kings. Alas, the heal was too much for Muizaa to handle as Lordcru picked up a second victory.

Muizaa (Druid)Lordcru (Paladin)

Shaman came out next, and its strong early game with Knife Juggler + Totems put Lordcru under a lot of pressure. Even when they were dealt with, Muizaa easily built up another wave of minions and finished off Lordcru with an unexpecting Bloodlust.

Muizaa (Shaman)Lordcru (Paladin)

Sending out the favoured Shaman match-up against the Handlock, Muizaa did not manage to get the necessary cards against Lordcru.

The Shaman soon ran out of steam as the game progresses, which Lordcru easily took in late game.

Muizaa (Shaman)Lordcru (Warlock)

Thaibg 3 – 1 Lordcru

Thaibg vs Lordcru

The first Semi-Finals of the Winner’s Bracket is primed for another Thailand vs Philippines battle, which Thaibg easily ran out as winner!

It was a very peaceful early game in the first match; a Druid vs Paladin match-up.

The mid-game was full of action though, with beefy minions like Ancient of Wars, a fully-stacked Twilight Drake, and Druid of the Claw propping up the board.

A failure by Lordcru to silence his Equality-affected Baine Bloodhoof allowed Thaibg to snowball his board control and deal a crushing 30 burst damage with Savage Roar on a helpless Lordcru.

Thaibg (Druid)Lordcru (Paladin)

Handlock was summoned by Lordcru for a turn-around in fortunes.

Lordcru drew very well in that game; even though Thaibg had the answers, he was always in the back seat.

A well-utilised Alexstrasza broke Thaibg’s defense, and gave Lordcru a much needed victory!

Thaibg (Druid)Lordcru (Warlock)

Thaibg brought a Mage next to burn down Lordcru’s health.

With the Mage’s strong board early game and the Warlock’s constant tapping, Lordcru was down to 15 health by turn 5! With more spells (Fireball and Frostbolt), a world of pain was waiting for Lordcru, and he melted at turn 7!

Thaibg (Mage)Lordcru (Warlock)

Going for the final roll of the ice, Lordcru brought out his Druid deck.

There was hardly any battles early game; Thaibg even put out a Bloodmage Thalnos + Arcane Missiles to deal 4 damage to Lordcru’s face!

Thaibg’s numerous spells allowed him to trade effectively with Lordcru. It is not the same for Lordcru as he struggled to clear Thaibg’s Ragnaros the Firelord and Ysera.

The inability to remove Thaibg’s minions raised the death knell for Lordcru and his adventure in the Winner’s Bracket.

Thaibg (Mage) Lordcru (Druid)

Stay tuned as we cover the Grand Finals to see who will be representing Cycle 2 for the eHL Season 1 Grand Finals!

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– Silfer

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  • Silfer

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