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Interview with Bing; Winner of Hearthstone Alley Brawl NA #4

Bing LongWe are pleased to interview Bing, an up-and-coming star from the Imperium Pro Team!

Watch out for him as he makes waves in the competitive Hearthstone scene!

Below is the interview transcript:

Hi Bing; thanks for having this interview with us! Congratulations on your victory in Alley Brawl #4; will you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Surely! My full name is Bing Xin Kuo, and i’m from the Philippines. I’m half-Taiwanese, and half-Filipino. I’m playing Hearthstone for the Imperium Pro Team right now together with Dustin”WaningMoon” Mangulabnan.

Wow; you are in the same team as the famous ‘WaningMoon’! How do you feel being in the same team as him?

It’s a privilege to be on the same team as WaningMoon, but it’s also tough since i have to beat him to be number 1 here in the Philippines.

From our understanding, the Philippines Hearthstone community is very close-knit. What do you think of them?

I love Philippine’s Hearthstone community, because everyone seems to be helping out each other. Even though the community is still new, everyone tries to participate in weekly tournaments, and discussions in our Hearthstone Philippine group.

That’s cool! How about the players from Southeast Asia (SEA)?

The players from Southeast Asia are very competitive from what I’ve seen. SEA should be feared, because there are a lot of unheard players in SEA that have already reached legend rank in just 7 days.

Haha; true! What are your thoughts towards the current meta?

The meta seems to be shifting from new decks to old decks such as Druid going back to ramp, and Warlock going back to aggro.

Guess it is rock-paper-scissors until the next expansion? I noticed that you have included a Harrison Jones, which is a fairly popular pick recently, in your Shaman deck.

Is he the card that makes or breaks your games?

Yes, I can agree that the meta is still in a rock-paper-scissors stage.

Well Harrison Jones is one of my favorite cards. Since Shaman is weak against Hunters, and Handlocks, I thought of using Harrison to have a sort of counter against these classes, and Harrison won me the game against WaningMoon, when i got to destroy his Gorehowl on turn 7 that made me snowball the tempo to my favor.

Overall, Harrison Jones is a good card in whatever matchup, because of its 5-4 body, and it has a nice art which adds distraction to your opponents!

Haha; what a plan! Are you preparing for any events or tournaments lately?

Yes, I try to practice a lot, but not burn myself out with over playing. I’m focusing right now on local tournaments around here in the Philippines, such as Imperium’s monthly tournaments, and i hope i’ll be able to join the SEA majors that will be held in Singapore this coming June.

We do hope to see you in future tournaments; thanks for the interview today Bing! Will you like to give any shout-outs?

I would like to give a shout out to my family for supporting me, and for my team for guiding me to be a better player overall, and to Hearthstone Alley for having weekly tournaments to help Southeast Asia grow as a competitive hearthstone region!

Catch this guy with great dreams in action!

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– Silfer

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