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Hearthstone Alley Fireside Blast II Statistics


The Hearthstone Alley Fireside Blast II recently concluded on the 8th of March, 2015. It is a double elimination tournament that features the Conquest format, which will be used during the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship. In this format, players bring a line up of 3 different classes. In order to win a series, each player has to win a game with each of his 3 classes. The tournament also serves as a qualifer for the DraftKO regional tournament.

A total of 29 players participated in the tournament. In order to bring our readers a detailed tournament report, Hearthstone Alley took charge of the recording of match statistics. Below are our findings:

Class composition

As seen from the chart above, Hunter and Druid are clearly the most popular classes in the tournament. A total of 17 players have included Hunter in their class line up, and a same number of players also brought along the Druid. Mage comes in as our second runner-up, with 13 players. Taking fourth place is Rogue, which appears 9 times in the players’ decklists. Following closely behind are Paladin and Warlock, who are tied at 7 each. Warrior and Shaman are brought by a total of 6 players each, while Priest is the most unpopular class with only 5 appearances.

General Meta

While going through our data, 4 prominent deck archetypes stood out. They are the Mid-Range Hunter, Combo Druid, Mech Mage and Oil Rogue. The other deck archetypes are further behind in terms of numbers, hence they are not included in the above chart for simplicity sake. The most popular deck archetypes are the Mid-Range Hunter and Combo Druid, who were brought by 12 players each. Following closely are the Mech Mage and Oil Rogue tying at 9 each. We can infer from the data above that in order to stand a good chance in the tournament, players should bring a line up that can deal with these 4 decks.

What about win rates? From the statistics compiled, Hunter has the highest win rate at 59%. Paladin has a win rate of 55%, just one percent higher than the Warrior. Druid follows closely behind with a win rate of 53%. All other classes have a win rate of below 50%. It is interesting to note that Shaman has the lowest win rate out of all classes in the tournament at only 29% (7 wins to 17 losses).

Unfortunately, we were unable to come up with statistics for specific match-ups (e.g. Control Warrior versus Face Hunter, etc) due to discrepancies between some players’ aliases used during the tournament and their aliases used when submitting their decklists. Moving forward, this can certainly be looked into and addressed for future tournaments.

Finally, we hope that all participants have enjoyed themselves during the Hearthstone Alley Fireside Blast II tournament, and we look forward to seeing you again in future events.

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– chungfr

chungfr has been playing card games for more than a decade. He is the winner of BattleStone #8 regional tournament and Call of War team tournament. He also finished in third place for the recent Captain’s Draft SEA tournament. His favourite past time is trolling Twitch chat.

Image Credits:

  • Silfer
  • Chungfr
  • Grace Naces (SylvanHunter)

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