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Community Activities @ Campus Game Fest 2015

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Hearthstone Alley will be returning to its roots at Campus Game Fest 2015; we will be organising fun and exciting community activities over three days!

Basic Details

  • Date: 26th June 2015 – 28th June 2015
  • Venue: ITE College Central, Blk F Level 4 Multi Purpose Hall
  • Server: Americas

Day 1 – Fun Tournaments

  • Date: 26th June 2015 (Friday)
  • Time: 12pm – 8pm

Sick of the ladder climb and the usual competitive tournament fare? Fret not, for we also have fun tournaments up our alley (pardon the pun!)

  • Reward: Card Packs
  • Registration Link: >> HERE! <<

List of Fun Tournaments:

  • ‘X’ Mana Cost Tournament
  • Male/Female Card Tournament
  • Blindfold Tournament
  • Opponent Tournament
  • Alphabet Tournament

Day 2 – Draft Team Tournament

  • Date: 27th June 2015 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11am – 9pm
  • Match Format: Best-of-5 (Bo5) Conquest Mode
  • Tournament Format: Swiss Rounds + Single Elimination Playoffs (0 – 10 Teams) / Double Elimination (11 – 16 Teams)

Team tournaments are back with a twist! In this Draft Team Tournament, where each team consists of three members, teams will have to ban their opponents instead of their classes!

Once teams have selected their deck for each match, they will then choose one member from the opposing team to be banned for that match. The remaining two players will then play the match together.

Everyone in the opposing team has to be banned at least once before a opposing player can be banned for a second time.

  • Entry Fee: $9/Team ($3/Player)
  • Reward: (To be Confirmed)
    • Champion: $200 + Trophies
    • 1st Runner-Up: $100 + Trophies
    • 2nd Runner-Up: $50 + Trophies
  • Registration Link: >> HERE! << (Schedule is also included!)
  • Team Information: >> HERE! << (To be updated on the day itself!)


  • General
    • Players are not allowed to leave the Duelling Screen (outside of exceptions like disconnections or bugs) until they have finished that particular series. The offending player will have to forfeit a match if he is deemed to have infringed the rule. In the event of a disconnection or a bug, do call a marshal to arbitrate.
    • A player will be given a match bye if his opponent is late by every 20 minutes.
    • No backseat gaming is allowed in the tournament.
    • Players are to use the decklists that they have sent; marshals will check them before every series.
    • Players found infringing the rules will be given an initial warning. Subsequent infringements may result in disqualification from the tournament.
    • The Chief Marshal will have the final decision in all matters.
    • Players are expected to send their decklists (3 classes) to hearthstonealley@outlook.com at least one day before the tournament!
  • Disconnection
    • A rematch will be conducted if there is a disconnection (unless lethal is guaranteed); we encourage sportsmanship.


  • 16 Teams
  • Single Elimination (0 – 10 teams) / Double Elimination (11 – 16 teams)

Series Rules

  • Best-of-5 (first to 3 wins).
  • Bring 3 decks (Different classes).
  • The 3 decks that you have brought will be fixed throughout the tournament.
  • Teams can check out the ‘Team Information’ page (see above) to find out more about the other players in the tournament.
  • Teams are expected to verify for themselves that their opponents is playing one of their selected classes. In the event that your opponents are not playing any of their selected classes, do call a marshal to arbitrate.
  • You can ban an opposing player once before the start of every match. A player cannot be banned for the second time until every player in his team has been banned at least once.
  • No players will be banned if the series last to the final match.
  • The winning team will use a different deck – once a deck has won, it is no longer playable for the rest of the series. The losing team can continue to use any deck that has not won yet.
  • After each series, inform the group marshal (with your opponent) of the results.

Day 3 – Gauntlet

  • Date: 28th June 2015 (Sunday)
  • Time: 12pm – 7pm
  • Format: Best-of-1 (Bo1)

The Gauntlet is where players put their skills to the test. Nine Legend players (in the month of June 2015) will be selected to be Gatekeepers. These Gatekeepers will each play a class that they are famous for.

Players will receive a chop (or form of recognition) after every game (be it a win or loss). Players that win all nine Gatekeepers will receive a reward. (We are currently in need of Gatekeepers!)

  • Reward: Card Packs (Beat >6 Legends)
  • Registration Link: >> HERE! <<

All participants are also reminded to get the event ticket >> HERE! <<

Are you all excited for the Campus Game Fest? For we are!

Stay tuned to Hearthstone Alley, or our Facebook and Twitter for more quality Hearthstone and community news!

– Silfer

Silfer is a passionate Hearthstone player, who wishes to grow gaming communities and the eSports scene. He can be contacted at hearthstonealley@outlook.com; drop a ‘Hi!’ or give feedback about the website!

Image Credits

  • Silfer
  • Campus Game Fest 2015

Edited by Silfer


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