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Tournament Reports: Campus Game Fest 2015 and NUS Cyber Gaming Festival 2015


Campus Game Fest 2015 was held on the 26th – 28th of June 2015 at ITE College Central, where the Draft Team Tournament was the highlight of this three-day fiesta.The tournament proved to be very popular with the community, as all 16 team slots were snatched up a few days beforehand!

The Draft Team Tournament features a special set of rules where each team can opt to ban a player from the opposing team before each game; the banned players will then have to sit out of the game. Players are banned on a rotation basis; therefore, it is impossible for a player to sit out an entire series.

The NUS Cyber Gaming Festival was held a week later on the 4th – 5th of July 2015 at the NUS School of Computing. This tournament allows participants an opportunity to bag some precious Hearthstone World Championship points. The tournament witnessed a turn out of 52 players and employed a Round-Robin Group Stage, which was then followed by a Double-Elimination playoffs.

As both Campus Game Fest 2015 and NUS Cyber Gaming Festival 2015 were held within the space of a week, we decided to merge the report for both tournament. As seen in previous tournament reports, we will be doing the coverage of the metagame for both tournaments.

Campus Game Fest 2015

The meta for Campus Game Fest was more ‘standard’ as compared to previous Hearthstone Alley tournaments, as no teams brought fringe decks to the tournament. The deck composition is as follows (click to enlarge):

campus game fest 2015 Comparing the above figures with the meta from Inter-Varsity Games Frontier 2015, we can determine the general trend for the Singapore Hearthstone community.

The Campus Game Fest saw the rise of the Mid-Range Druid, whose popularity is tied with the Control Warrior, with six teams bringing them to the tournament. Handlock and Zoolock also remains high in popularity, with five and four teams respectively. It is interesting to note that the Ramp Druid, Mid-Range Shaman, and Oil Rogue, with a single vote, remains unpopular in the local meta.

For now, we can forecast that these decks are likely to see little to no competitive play for future tournaments in Singapore, until the launch of the next Hearthstone expansion at least.

NUS Cyber Gaming Festival 2015

As some of the participants brought unusual decks to the tournament (including some decks consisting of mostly basic cards), we have excluded those decks from the data for the sake of relevancy (click to enlarge):

NUS Cyber Gaming Festival 2015 Although Control Warrior was the most popular deck for Campus Game Fest and Inter-Varsity Games Frontier, the same could not be said at NUS Cyber Gaming Festival. The dip in popularity could be due to a variety of reasons, but we shall leave that up to our reader’s interpretation.

The tournament hailed Zoolock as their new king, with 17 players including it in their line-up. Mid-Range Druid, Mid-Range Hunter, and Face Hunter were the next most popular deck archetypes, with 13, 13, and 11 participants respectively.

We also note the fall of the Handlock in the meta, as only 7 players brought it to the tournament.


Using the information available from the past few tournaments in Singapore, it is safe to say that Zoolock, Control Warrior and Mid-Range Druid are the most prominent decks in the local competitive scene. Although the Control Warrior seems to have fallen out of favour in the last tournament, it is still a force to be reckoned with, and may soon see a resurgence in popularity.

Players preparing their line up for future tournaments will also have to take into account the presence of other popular archetypes in local tournaments, such as the Patron Warrior, Hunters (Mid-Range, Hybrid, and Face), and Handlock,

We hope you have enjoyed reading these tournament reports and have found the information presented useful. We look forward to seeing you in future Hearthstone Alley tournaments!

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– chungfr

chungfr has been playing card games for more than a decade. He was the winner of BattleStone #8 (a regional tournament) and the Call of War team tournament. He also finished in second place for the Oasis Bang II tournament and third place for the Captain’s Draft SEA tournament.

His favourite pastme is to troll people in Twitch chat. kappa (2)

Image Credits:

  • Jeremy Cheong
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Chungfr

Edited by: Silfer


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